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A large format takeaway for an exhibition in the Venice Biennale. CLICK IMAGES TO VIEW MORE.

A series of screen printed and digital posters for exhibitions held by art galleries Nyehaus and Nye+Brown.

Brand identity for Nye+Brown gallery.

Brand photography and website for an art services company.

Identity, invitation and collateral for a three day pop-up exhibition.

An ad which ran across the back of a few art-world magazines for art acquisition.

Identity design and catalogue for an exhibition by Johannes Girardoni.

Identity and business cards designed for a small scarf printing company.

The exhibition catalog for a group of work by artist Ed Moses.

Identity refresh and secondary logo for Nyehaus gallery.

Illustration for an exhibition entitled Venice In Venice.

Various logotypes, largely for exhibition identities.

Save the Date and invitation for a four gallery exhibition named Bella Pacifica.

Identity for a hospitality group, Colmena—a Spanish word meaning "hive."

Invitations for my brother's wedding.

Identity for recently established fashion brand, Kes.

Identity and catalogue for the exhibition Deflowered by Judy Chicago.

Identity and exhibition design for Judy Chicago hosted by Mana Contemporary.

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